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Client testimonials

Zulfiqar Babur
Zulfiqar Babur Customer
Really impressed by the product inventory and the service.
Shehryar Qasim
Shehryar Qasim Customer
Trusted always for the all original products that you receive from this provider
Mujtaba Haider
Mujtaba Haider Customer
J&B always provides us with the best products on time and with authenticity. Our customers trust us because of our products which we get from them.
Shahzaib Joseph
Shahzaib Joseph Customer
Highly recommend Javaid and brother for any machine lubrication related products that you want to keep on your store or use for your vehicles.
Mustaq Khawer
Mustaq Khawer customer
100 % recommend any engine oil to be purchase always from J&B as their products can never be fake.
Waqar Mallah
Waqar Mallah Customer
We have been buying engine oils for our farm machinery from Javaid and Brothers. We are very satisfied with their products and services.

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